La Maison du Fleuve offers a seasonal cuisine inspired by the region that is combined with flavours from further afield for a gastronomic journey on the shores of the river…


À la carte

Dish for 2
Delicatessen meats
17.00 €

Foie gras and gingerbread with
a mini apple and peanut macaroon
18.50 €

Cod fritters with spinach and ricotta,
accompanied by a rocket velouté sauce
13.90 €

Egg cooked at 64°c, with creamed parsnip
slow-roasted streaky bacon, and hazelnut oil
15.80 €

Duck and kuri squash creamed ravioli,
with a crisp biscuit
15.00 €

No. 3 Oysters from Joel Dupuch, Parc de l’Impératrice
half-dozen: 12.50 €, by 9 : 18.00 €, dozen: 22.50 €

À la carte

Grilled tuna, creamed peas with wasabi and
peking-style vegetables
25.50 €

“Label Rouge” salmon cooked on one side,,
with chicory and red and yellow beetroot
24.50 €

Bordeaux-style lamprey
29.50 €

Slab of meagre with cauliflower
and purée of Madras potatoes
28.50 €

Vegans : Chicory, carrots ans multi-coloured beetroot
with a bitter sweet condiment
20.00 €

À la carte

Lamb saddle, preserved lemon,
and creamed peas with wasabi
26.00 €

Peking-style Black Iberian pork tapilla with ginger,
and a sweet and sour condiment
25.50 €

Slab of rose veal, jus with sweet spices,
and heirloom vegetables
27.00 €

Grilled entrecôte steak (EU 300g),
salad and homemade chips
28.00 €

À la carte

Assortment of cheeses from Jean d’Alos
10.50 €

Almond shortbread, duo of mandarine orange
and Valrhona Jivara cream
10.50 €

Rich chocolate cake,
with variations of mint
10.50 €

Baba au rhum and grapes, roast pineapple
and sorbet
10.50 €

Gourmet coffee
10.50 €

Gourmet tea,
home-made oriental pastries
10.50 €

Ice creams:
Tropical // Classic// Red berry fruits
10.50 €

18,50 €

For lunch,
on weekdays only

(starter, fish or meat, dessert)

17 €

Full menu
(starter, fish or meat
with home-made French fries, dessert)